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Spare Parts

Prolong the lifetime of your product by choosing our experience and quality!

All our spare parts are designed to fit perfectly into all Sumitomo brand products. These parts will exceed your expectations as we only use first-class materials and high-quality production tools with cutting edge technology. In addition, it protects your warranty and the security against breakdowns.

Why original parts?

Original parts vs other spare parts
Mechanic assembling gearbox parts

Advantages of genuine parts

  • Your warranty stays valid
  • No additional modification needed
  • High-quality materials
  • Best fit into your product
  • No additional costs due to low wear and tear
  • High durability

Do not risk downtimes and sudden break-downs by imitations!

Mechanic lifting a gearbox with a small crane

We have authorized Service Partners around the world

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Authorized Service Partners

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