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We are there when you need us!

Sumitomo offers a complete range of Service Programs from Preventive & Predictive Maintenance to Application Analysis Services. This expertise is based on our extensive product range knowledge and global applications experience. Many of our customers have realized the long-term benefits of implementing one or all of our Service Programs in order to maximize up-time, to protect the value of their investment and to reduce equipment operating costs.

Two mechanics working on gearboxes

We are here for you in every situation you could think of

  • Old Product that needs to be replaced?
  • Product that has exactly to fit in your circumstances such as Drop-In units?

We get it done!


We are visiting you on site to get familiar with your individual requirements.

We even help you to set up the requirements for your product. And of course, that‘s free.

Based on this we will develop your individual product. And if one of our standardized products matches, even better as this reduces the costs for you.

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Getting it running

After you received the product from us our services do not end.

Beginning from installation and launching the product we will be there for you whenever you need us.

Service Level Agreements ensure that all of your service needs will be covered (onsite inspection, maintenance, repair of wearing parts and so on). And the best is that you will get a warranty extension.

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Product not from us or no Service Level Agreement existing?

Even if you do not have a Service Level Agreement with us or the product was bought from the competitor we are there to help you! Our care gets far beyond that.

Whether it's just a bad feeling or a repair is really necessary. Get in contact with us and we will help you.

Want to avoid breakdowns?

We also offer you the opportunity to monitor your individual unit and out of this, we are able to warn you when the unit is about to reach a critical state.

Preventive Maintenance

Have a breakdown and need help immediately?

You can reach our experienced support team 24/7.

Emergency Hotline

End of life?

Perhaps someday it will come that you think your product reached the end of its life. You might be wrong as we restored some of the worst looking gears. Take a look at our Restoration Program. 

Restoration Program

If you are looking for a real partner, we are the right company to choose!

You have not found what you are looking for?

Do not hesitate to contact us directly: