Technician inspecting a medium size gearbox


A bad feeling that something might be breaking down? Not with us!

Sumitomo onsite inspections

Single Onsite inspections

In Case of you already have uneasy feelings:

Due to our global market coverage we can be on site
in no time.

We are serving you the full package containing:

  • Review of existing equipment
  • Plant Inspections
  • Condition Reports
  • Oil sampling
  • Gearbox Rating Analysis:
    • Gear Tooth Ratings
    • Bearing Ratings
    • Shaft Stresses
    • Failure Mode Identification

Service Level Agreements

To avoid uneasy feelings and sudden breakdowns:

We also offer full service packages including

  • Onsite Inspections on a regular basis
  • Maintenance including replacement parts

individually adapted to your single unit and the application it is used in.


Extent your warranty and sign a Service Level Agreement with us.

Telephone number (during business hours): +32 3 450 12 00