Man inspecting large gearbox


You have something to repair? We get it done

Technicians inspecting a large gearbox

You want to know what caused the issue?

We too.

Therefore, we do a root cause analysis to ensure that anything that caused the repair does not happen again in the future.

Repair of old gearboxes

Repairs of Legacy and external Products

Have an old unit?

No problem! We repair all legacy products beginning from Sumitomo brands over Praramax, Cyclo up to Seisa, Ueda SKK and Osaka Chain.

Gearbox not from us?

We repair all industrial gears. No matter if it is produced by us or not.

Repair required?

Telephone number reception (during business hours): +32 3 450 12 00


Emergency Contacts

For urgent customer support, contact our 24/7 service hotline!

Phone: +32 34501234